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Letter from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy

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Letter from the CEO

Dear colleagues,

The last two months have been unlike any we’ve experienced before. The people across our Nation have been working to take care of and protect each other, provide food and necessary goods, and raise each other’s spirits.

It is normal to feel fear, anxiety and uneasiness. But inspiration calms those fears. It is inspiring to acknowledge the tremendous service each of you provide to the people around you each day. When you help each other at work and practice safe health hygiene to reduce the spread of COVID-19, you are making a difference. As you continue the shipbuilding and repair work that supports our Navy, our commercial shipping customers, our country, and the world; you are making a remarkable difference.

Please know how proud I am of each of you. I am aware of the dedication you show by coming to work each day. I am aware of the sacrifices you make at home to practice social distancing and protect your family members. I am aware of all you do in your daily work, in our trades and in our offices. You inspire everyone who is a part of our work family.

Our work in essential to this Nation. We are needed, and each of you are important. Thank you for helping us stay the course, and do not forget…we will persevere together.


Dario Deste | President & CEO

Fincantieri Marine Group

Reported COVID-19 Cases

Location Number of Confirmed Cases
Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) 27 confirmed cases
Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (FBS) 5 confirmed cases
Fincantieri Ace Marine (FAM) 0 confirmed cases

Monday, August 10

  • 1 positive case – FMM – LCS 21 – last day at work was August 2

Friday, August 7

  • 2 positive cases – FMM
    • PP&C in the PRO Building – last day at work was August 4
    • Building 10 – LCS  27 – last day at work was August 4

Thursday, August 6

  • 1 positive case – FMM – LCS 21 – last day at work was July 20

Wednesday, August 5

  • 3 positive cases – FMM
    • Building 10 – last day at work was July 31
    • LCS 21 & 23 – last day at work was July 28
    • PP&C in the PRO Building – last day at work was July 29

Monday, August 3

  • 3 positive cases – FMM
    • Building 10 – last day at work was July 31
    • LCS 23 – last day at work was July 30
    • PP&C in the PRO Building – last day at work was July 29

Wednesday, July 29

  • 1 positive case – FMM – LCS 21 and LCS 23 – last day at work was July 22

Friday, July 24

  • 1 positive case – FMM – LCS 21 – last day at work was July 21

Wednesday, July 22

  • 2 positive cases – FMM – LCS 21 – last day at work was July 17 (for both cases)

Wednesday, May 27

  • 1 positive case – FBS – last day at work was May 14

Thursday, May 21

  • 1 positive case – FMM – LCS 21 – last day at work was May 14

Wednesday, May 20

  • 2 positive cases – FMM – Building 32 – last day at work was May 13 (for both cases)

Monday, May 18

  • 2 positive cases –

FMM – Building 32 – last day at work was May 8
FMM – Building 10 and LCS 21 – last day at work was May 12

Friday, May 15

  • 1 positive case – FBS – last day at work was May 11

Thursday, May 14

  • 1 positive case – FMM – Building 32 – last day at work was May 6

Wednesday, May 13

  • 1 positive case – FBS – last day at work was May 7

Tuesday, May 12

  • 1 positive case – FBS – last day at work was May 7

Monday, May 11

  • 1 positive case – FMM – Building 10 – last day at work was May 5

Friday, May 8

  • 1 positive case – FBS – last day at work was May 1

Tuesday, May 5

  • 2 positive cases – FMM – Building 32 – last days at work was May 1 and May 2

Wednesday, April 29

  • 1 positive case – FMM – Building 10 – last day at work was April 20

Tuesday, April 28

  • 1 positive case – FMM – Building 10 – last day at work was April 24

Monday, April 27

  • 1 positive case – FMM – Building 32 – last day at work was April 21

Thursday, April 23

  • 1 positive case – FMM – Building 10, last day in yard was April 17

Why we and others continue to work

We are part of the Defense Industrial Base, which provides support to the Navy as they defend our nation. We also provide critical support to commercial maritime efforts through repair, service and construction.  Because of this, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security consider our operations as a part of the Nation’s critical infrastructure.

The U.S. government has explained that this imposes on us a “special responsibility” to continue operations and provide the services the government sees as critical to our national defense and in response to the COVID-19 virus. Accordingly, the recent state orders that have closed many businesses have excluded ours.

Fincantieri Marine Group continues to follow CDC, state, and local government guidance for critical infrastructure, as well as developing our own measures to minimize the risk of exposure. We will continue operating with modified daily workflow, increased cleaning and disinfecting measures, continued work from home options for those with the ability to do so, and continued compliance with all government recommendations.

When a case is reported will work to notify all employees and follow all CDC/state/local health measures necessary such as contacting and quarantining the person’s close colleagues, temporarily closing any building or area that must be sanitized, performing sanitization, and moving operations to other areas of our yard, if recommended.

Ask these questions. Stay home if sick.

Your health, safety and security remains our primary concern. As community spread of the illness takes place within the United States, it is essential that you stay home if you think you may have COVID-19.

We have prepared the following five questions for you to consider every day. If at any point you can answer yes to one of these questions, we ask that you stay home, reporting your absence and working with Human Resources to obtain a leave of absence.

  1. Have you or someone you live with been tested and confirmed as having the COVID-19 virus?
  2. Have you or someone you live with currently or recently been hospitalized for having the COVID-19 virus?
  3. Are you or someone you live with suspected of having the COVID-19 virus, but HAVE NOT yet been tested?
  4. Have you or someone you live with recovered from having the COVID-19 virus?
  5. Are you or someone you live with in a “Restricted Movement” status, meaning, placed in quarantine either by self, other authority (TSA) or health provider?

Once again, if your answer is yes to any of these questions, contact your Human Resources Department to report your absence and discuss a plan moving forward for your leave of absence and return to work. You will not be allowed on site for 14 calendar days, during which time you can work from home, use any paid sick leave or vacation/PTO you have available, or take unpaid leave. All information will be kept confidential in accordance with federal, state, and local law. 

What if I feel sick while at work?

If you become very sick while at work, rather than spread germs to your coworkers, please inform your Supervisor you will be leaving work sick. Then, contact Human Resources within 24 hours to obtain a leave of absence. Fincantieri Marine Group reserves the right to send sick employees home. Our Safety/EHS teams and Supervisory staff can make those determinations.

How does Leave of Absence approval work?

During this COVID – 19 health emergency, we have expanded our normal unpaid leave of absence (LOA) process for our employees. We are now approving unpaid LOA’s for:

  • Employee’s own Illness (chronic/short term)
  • Care for a dependent
  • Care for a sick dependent

Employees may receive an unpaid LOA for up to 10 working days; or up to the equivalent of two (2) work weeks or 80 working hours. For any illness affecting the employee, or dependent, that is lasting three (3) days or more, please apply for FMLA/STD to obtain additional leave, protection and potential compensation. At the end of your approved leave, you will be expected to return to work with the appropriate paperwork, if applicable, unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance. If after 10 days you are in need of additional unpaid leave, please contact your local HR team.

Insurance premiums during a Leave of Absence

At Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG) it is important that our employees continue to receive the benefit programs they select each year (medical, dental, vision, etc.). However, if you do not receive a paycheck from FMG, you must assume the responsibility of paying 100% of the employee portion of your insurance premiums.

You can verify your insurance premium amount per pay period by reviewing your last regular pay statement.

Payments can be sent in to the Green Bay Corporate Office (address provided on all Leave of Absence paperwork). Per plan documents, termination of coverage will result after 60 days of unpaid insurance premiums.

Reminder: Ensure your information comes from trusted sources

It’s crucial that everyone in our workforce relies on official and fact-based communications methods as their sole information sources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Misinformation can spread quickly over social media and through word-of-mouth claims that are not verified. Because of this, we want to provide our workforce with accurate sources of information. We are committed to giving you the very latest – including information from our local and state health departments. If any cases of COVID-19 are confirmed within our workforce, you will be the first to know. You can track confirmed cases in Wisconsin through the Department of Health Services (DHS) website.

Your health and safety is our top priority, and we sincerely thank you for your commitment and dedication to helping us continue operations at this time. If you do not feel you can work for childcare or other reasons, please contact Human Resources to discuss your leave of absence options (many options listed below).

  1. Work a normally scheduled shift.
  2. Request a shift change (granted where available and feasible).
  3. Use available vacation or PTO.
  4. Take an unpaid leave of absence by contacting Human Resources.

Call the Employee Information Line for the latest updates

We are committed to keeping everyone up-to-date with the latest information from within FMG via our new FMG Employee Information Lines. Please note, the union call-in lines where you can report an absence or ask questions are still separate (those numbers are provided below as well).

Fincantieri Marinette Marine

Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding

Fincantieri ACE Marine

External: 715-735-8795

Internal ext. 8795

Union Call-In

External: 715-735-9341 ext. 6590

Internal ext. 6590

External: 920-746-3466

Internal ext. 3466

Union Call-In

External: 920-746-3456

Internal ext. 3456

External 715-735-4795

Internal ext. 4795

Green Bay Office

External: 715-735-8790

Internal ext. 8790

Steps we are taking to protect our workforce

Travel and Visitors

  • International travel was suspended on March 4.
  • On March 12, all foreign visitors were suspended from visiting our facilities, and domestic visitors were limited to business necessary only. All visitors are being screened until further notice to ensure they have no COVID-19 symptoms and have not come into contact with anyone with the virus.
  • Visitor forms, pre-screening questionnaire are handed out to all guests arriving at shipyard (given out to guests 48 hours in advance of arriving onsite, if it is a planned visit).
  • The United States Navy, Lockheed Martin, other partners, vendors, suppliers, contractors and visitors are all following our visitor procedure requirements.
  • We are working closely with contractors and vendors to align processes between our organizations to protect the health and safety of all employees.

Disinfecting measures within our facilities

  • We are disinfecting high-traffic areas multiple times a day; additional resources have been added to wipe down surfaces.
  • Ozone machines have been installed throughout some of our FMM facilities to disinfect, kill or remove any dangerous or irritating airborne particles.
  • Additional hand sanitizer and cleaners has been placed throughout the facility.
  • Additional waterfront sanitation stations are currently being installed where appropriate.
  • Additional foot holds have been installed to provide hands-free door opening capability.
  • HealthWire Communications, similar to this, are being distributed to all FMG employees via email, flyers/posters, table drops and closed-circuit TV screens in our shipyards.

Workflow modifications

  • We are practicing social distancing at meetings, utilizing conference calls and video conferencing where possible.
  • Plexiglass guards have been installed at high traffic areas
  • At FMM, Gate 19 is open at shift change for employees who want to enter/exit without touching the turnstiles
  • In key areas, six foot markers have been placed with tape or chalk by maintenance windows, tool cribs and places where social distancing is being observed.
  • Employees are alternating lunch breaks to provide better social distancing.


  • We are working with local, state and federal agencies and Health Departments including Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


  • If you have concerns or questions regarding being at work, please contact your Supervisor or local Human Resources Department to review your leave of absence options.