We are interested in tapping into our communities and our community partners who may offer discounts to our employees for their patronage. If you know of a business that currently offers or is willing to offer discounts, please let us know by emailing us at wicommteam@us.fincantieri.com. Right now, we are aware of the following discounts in these communities:


Computer and Product Discounts

5% Service Discount

5% Service Discount

18% Discount on Various Products or Services.

$2 Discount on each Smartphone Line.

$10 Ticket

$10 Ticket

30% Discount

Costco Shop Card for New Members

Free Popcorn
20% Gift Shop Discount














6 Free Games

$10 Off

20% Off Season Pass

Monthly Enrollment Reimbursement

Enrollment Fee Waiver and Other Discounts

$15-$20 Service Discounts

Free 2-Week Consultation with Membership














Gym Discounts

Sign-Up Fee Waived

15% Off All Orders

10% Discount

10% Discount

Free Golf with Cart Purchase

15% Discount

10% Discount